Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Animations Due for the Simulation

In the C.Galler/Classes/MMP/Simulation Project/Hat_simulation/

See these .fla examples as references.

1. "Pre-Loader" (preloader_complete.fla)

2. "Title" (title.fla)

3. The "Simulation" (ani_all.fla) / movie clip: ani_all

4. The animation for the "over" state on the buttons


- You will also need a file for the Directions & Steps (with animations for the step buttons) (directions.fla)

- A Welcome Screen (welcome.fla)


How this will all come together: Movie

  1. Pre-loader.fla opens

  2. hat.fla opens

    1. title.fla then

    2. welcome.fla then

    3. directions.fla THEN

    4. ani_all on the mouseclick event