Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grade Outline - Final Project

Due: Wed. 12/14 at 4:20.
Note: There is no "late" for this project.

Please Package and Place in my Dropbox a Folder with your name and the following 3 projects:
Each Step is worth 11 points:
Example 1: Buttons
1. Animate the gear.swf file within the button.
2. Have that button link off to another "State"
3. Add a Transition to the next States and back to the original State.

Example 2: Flower Gallery
1. Finish the Flower Gallery - 7 button/images update the 7 images in the main ImageHolder
2. Add Transitions to the buttons
3. Add Transitions between the States

Example 3: San Franciso Gallery
1. Create and Finish the PhotoGallery
2. Add your own images
3. Add Transitions to the buttons/images
4. Add Transitions between the States