Project 1 - Making a Banner Ad [PDF]

Project 2 - The Simulation Project [PDF]

Project 2 - Grading Criteria

WARNING: Uncompleted projects will not be accepted, No project will be accepted after Nov. 7th. You will not receive credit for this section.

Due to its size, class time, and complexity this project may likely be more than 100 points of your overall grade. Addtional Bonus points will also be available.

Please try include the following features in your project for full credit:

  • Layers are labeled, organized, no empty layers, 
  • Library items are used, labeled, folders created for tweens and bitmaps
  • Actions layer labeled, top of timeline.
  • Appropriate typography use
  • Attractive well used graphics/buttons/characters
  • Appropriate use of tweens, motion editor, masks
  • Fonts are embedded
  • Simulation steps are clear, the result, explanation, information is well presented
  • Intro text File, Title file are included, Load correctly
  • Title file includes MovieClip animation and appropriate tween effect
  • Folder is Labeled in the Dropbox with the Student's name
  • Bonus: Use MotionEditor effects such as Bounce to add animation effects, ease to tweens
  • Preloader loads the correct .swf
  • Embedded font use, of "Loading 1234567890%"
  • animation movie clip is included
  • 2nd animation is dependent on Loading time (example: bar animation grows)
  • "Loading - %" text is working
  • Appropriate Typography usage
Start/Stop file:
  • animation should stop after 1 play through. No looping. Add the AS to the last frame
  • start/stop buttons work
  • animation on Over state, Down state
  • Bonus: Over State MovieClip Animation
Welcome File:
  • Loads the correct sequence of files
  • Buttons work
  • Buttons also include animated states, over and down 
Directions File:
  • Direction buttons work, use animated states, over and down
  • Loads steps correctly

Project 3 - The Demo Tutorial Project [PDF]